Village & Territory

This Chapter of our website, analyzes two aspects:

The first aspect concerns the project of Case al Borgo itself, it also indicates the mission, the historical path, its evolution.

It tells us about the dream and its ongoing development. A commitment, a line, a philosophy of the territory that was born and grows in symbiosis and respect with the land and the environment in which it is located. The actions are developed thanks to the love and dedication of those who believed and strongly desired the recovery of a village that was , in historical, social and economic terms, in danger of extinction The emotions and personal challenge of the members have characterized all the phases of the project and they represent a basic condition together with another ingredient that cannot be replaced: their Passion.

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The second chapter deals with the Territory of Agira, with all the natural wonders in the surrounding areas that a tourist can admire and live.

A Visitor of our places, can organize a holiday and live all the following experiences: naturalistic, sportive, historical, ethnoanthropological, leisure time and shopping. In a reserved chapter, we will show the sensory experiences, that we feel to recommend everyone.

Agira and its sites ( 15 minutes far), offer several opportunities. At a wider distance, but not too much (from 30 to 40 min.), the geographical area ensures unique experiences and shows wonderful places to visit.

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Info & Services


Our organizational model, incorporates the guidelines of "ALBERGO DIFFUSO", provided by the Sicilian Region.
Each Home Relais, offers cleaning and supply services, which recalls the "Formula Hotel", that includes:
independent toilets in each Home Relais; daily cleaning service; linen supply ; centralized reception service with the presence of a dedicated staff for at least 6 hours a day; reservation service, transport agreements; WI-FI service, Food & Beverage reservation service.
The booking of the Home Relais can be done even with an only day stay, with the exception of particularly busy periods, when there is a minimum limit of 3 days stay.